Stone Tablet


The foundation stone of the Temple - for everyone!

We have prepared a unique gift. This is a "stone" of an unusual shape, a double pentagondodecahedron. Exactly the same shape as the Goetheanum's cornerstone, laid in the foundation before construction began in 1913. In our space it was also “laid” first.

Supporting us on Patreon or Boosty is more than just collecting donations. This is a kind of donation to the Temple. In this case, you become a part of the Temple. When you sign up for a paid subscription, we will send to your mailing address a model of the Cornerstone, which, if you follow the instructions attached to it, can come to life and become a spark connecting you with the fire of the stars and the sparks of other people of good will.

What's to do?

Step 1: Subscribe to our Patreon or Boosty.

Step 2. Write to us in any convenient way.

Step 3. Download the document with legend and instructions. (You can read them before the mail does its job).

The document is available in several languages:

Goetheanum Українська Goetheanum Русский Goetheanum English