The First Goetheanum Reconstruction

In the world there’s no soul that doesn’t hurt for things happening in Ukraine nowadays.

The support is imposing, incredible, impressive. The country receives multi-billion grants and loans, regular people making small contributions in a few days to collect money for drones, humanitarian aid can also be counted in billions – it consists of numerous sheltered people, good deeds related to their reception, products and necessary things.

We share the point of view of who is an aggressor on the visible physical plan, and on whose territory, which sovereignty is unshakable by existing international legal relations, a war has been unleashed. However, it’s important to note that all the huge power of support is subordinated to the logic of war – like accepting refugees or providing humanitarian aid – or directly supports the war - like supply of weapons or financial aid that supports the army. Help in the post-war reconstruction of the country is currently expressed as a kind of promise – it’s necessary to say that this is also a great support now, and we gratefully accept it.

With the full understanding that, in fairness, the aggressor must be pushed back, and that it is impossible not to support the army, otherwise this will lead to an inevitable military defeat with catastrophic results, nevertheless the question arises: is it possible to start building a new world right now? The question has a philosophical continuation: is it possible that, if we manage to start building a new world, the destruction of the old one will stop?

Sigmund Freud in a letter to Albert Einstein in a response to the question "Is war inevitable?" # tells about two ways of counteracting the war – about uniting feelings of people and educating thinking, striving for the truth people: “If readiness for a war arises under the influence of desire to destruction, then it would be the easiest way to direct an opponent of this desire against it... War must be resisted by everything that unites feelings of people... And here one can reason about how important it would be to educate a layer of independently thinking, fearless, striving for the truth people... Other ways of indirectly preventing a war are more accessible for sure, but they do not promise quick success. I don’t want to think about mills that flours so slowly that you could rather die of hunger than get flour. #

One hundred years ago, during the First World War, in a safe place – on the territory of Switzerland # – the representatives of warring nations united their feelings, and also thinking and will as well, on a construction site of the Temple – the Goetheanum. Is that a coincidence or what, but the Temple was built, and the war stopped. Is there such a place now that is safe from the point of view of war destructions, guaranteeing that the temple will not be destroyed or burned? In the context of a very real ever-increasing nuclear threat, such a single place is a virtual space.

We bring to your attention the project of Peace – which is to become due to the construction of a virtual temple of a new type. We started to work on creation of an architectural model that will reproduce forms of the Goetheanum, burned down on the last night of 1922 – the year that gave us becoming of the NSDAP # and the USSR, # which, by and large, has already marked the beginning of preparations for the Second World War.

The Goetheanum was chosen as a prototype for our Temple not without a purpose. This building carries two impulses that are so necessary in our day: the impulse of love, from the hearth of which, amid raging hatred, it was only possible to build such a building during the war, and the impulse of pure art, which exists in eternity and comes from eternity. The forms of the Goetheanum in smallest details represent Goethe's metamorphosis of the Man himself, and, experiencing them when creating a model, we ourselves will be able to live the formation of us as people coming from the past, and literally look into the future, feel what awaits us as people on a global scale, after all we are not talking about just copying external forms, but about comprehending the principle of shaping. That is, about the knowledge of oneself, the call that was given to us by ancient philosophers.

These works, of course, are significantly obstructed in the light of the war catastrophe. But even more so, they need support, because, without turning to the eternity, tomorrow, in the literal sense, may not come – not for one country, but for the whole world.

The project needs architects, designers, and artists – for direct computer modeling; programmers – to create a temple space on the site and display the model in it; people of all other arts – to represent this impulse in the space; translators – to present information in its entirety to people from different parts of the world; organizers, supervisors, and managers - to regulate work on a huge project; and many others. Even a little time dedicated to the project will be a great contribution to the uniting of feelings of people, that means it will support the formation of the future.

Financial support is also critically needed. At the moment, the work is being done on a voluntary and disinterested basis, so we will be grateful for a monetary contribution to the future of the project so that its future can come. We propose to contribute to the formation of a new world.

If you have any questions, suggestions, wishes – please contact us in any convenient way