The First Goetheanum Reconstruction

Everyone wants everything to be good. To have a roof over your head, clothing and food for yourself and your children, comfort in the home, a good education, and so on up the hierarchy of needs.
Do you know the joke one more level in the hierarchy appeared? There are two more levels below: Wi-Fi and phone battery charge.

Living well is an abstract concept. Living badly is something concrete. It's bad to lose your home and family. It's bad to be forced to move from your city or even from the country. It's bad to bury children.

Why can't everyone live in peace and harmony? Just share, and work? Why do we survive, instead of living better and better with the development of progress?

If we imagine the entire human society as an organism - let's call it social - then scientists distinguish 3 spheres in it:
- economic (economic life - production and distribution of goods);
- politics (legal life - regulation of basic laws);
- spiritual (cultural life - including science, education, media and everything that does not relate to material wealth).

The body will be healthy, and all its cells (us) will be good if these spheres correspond to three concepts, known from ancient ideals, which, obviously, have not been yet achieved:

Fraternity in the economic sphere - the products of labor are fairly distributed;

Equality - in the political one - the laws are the same for EVERYONE;

Liberty - in the spiritual one - everyone decides for themselves who to believe in, what to learn and what to say.

These spheres may be called by different words by different authors, but this does not change the essence. A social organism functions healthily if each organ performs its function and the liver does not interfere with the affairs of the spinal cord. If the cells of an organ suddenly decide to work as if they were cells of another organ, we have oncology.

It is obvious that our body is sick, and all three of its parts are sick.

How to treat it? Why hasn't it been possible to do this yet?

There are a lot of thoughts on this topic, but no one seems to know the answer.

We have a hypothesis that we intend to implement as an experiment. We are creating, based on virtual reality and all the digital content that surrounds us today, the Fourth Sphere of the social organism. In this sphere - let's call it the “sphere of virtual reality”, "virtual life" - equality, fraternity, and liberty are (still) possible. We are building a space for communication and the implementation of joint initiatives for people who have free thinking and good will, and the most important are able to unite in feeling, which was proposed by Sigmund Freud to Albert Einstein as the only way to achieve peace and harmony. There are not many such people on the Earth. According to scientists, there are about 10% of people capable of analytical thinking, and they are scattered all over the world. They can be quite difficult to put together, but the Internet gives us a unique opportunity to connect and join each other. And we need to take advantage of it before it's too late. By the way, Wi-Fi and battery charge will be useful to us for this.

If you have any questions, suggestions, wishes – please contact us in any convenient way